Just what really a blog is?

A blog is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer(Mirriam-Webster). Updating is done in a regular basis, maybe weekly, daily or even when the writer feels like posting. The owner of the site, who is usually the writer, is called a blogger. Bloggers write posts mostly in an informal and conversational way, as if they are making connection to their readers. Nowadays, bloggers adds up pictures, audios, and videos to document their experiences. Some people become bloggers because they love sharing information about the things they care about and they do it even they do not earn money out of it. But some others do it because they want to share their expertise and they get money out of it in many ways. Whatever your motivations are, you can be a potential blogger. In the next article we will guide you on how to attract more visitors to your blog. Read on...

Wo can be a blogger?

Many say that only good writers can be a blogger. My thought on this matter is different. I can say that anyone can be a blogger. The only difference among people who plans to be a blogger is action. When someone thinks that he cannot be a blogger because he is not a good writer, he actually lacks the driving force and enthusiasm to become one. It’s the love of writing that lacks in him. Therefore, when someone loves writing and sharing his thoughts, ideas and experiences, he can actually be a blogger. Find out the secrets of successful bloggers in this next article.

How to earn income from blogging?

How to earn income from blogging? This is a common search keyword on the internet. People search for information on how to earn income from blogging thinking that when they write an article today, it will earn them money overnight. Do you think the same way?

In this article, we will discuss how to earn income from blogging. Read on...