How to attract visitors to your blog?

You might have read so many articles already in books and on the internet about how exciting blogging is and how rewarding it is for many successful bloggers. This is the reason why you really wanted to come up with a blog yourself but you do not know how and where to start. Perhaps, you might even have started a web blog somewhere on some free sites out there offering their pages for you to be able to create your own blog. However, you cannot figure out how to earn income from your blog! You are not alone! I have been there. Trust me, you need techniques that successful bloggers have accumulated thru years of expereince.

Here is the secret, TRAFFIC! You need more visitors to visit and read your blog. This does not happen overnight though! You need time, patience, and effort in order to increase your traffic and earn income from your blog. Here are practical ways on how you can improve your blog in order to generate more traffic.

1) Choose an attractive niche.

Choosing an attractive niche is half the job. If you have an attractive niche, people search for your topics, keywords and products and you need less promotion to attract visitors.

2) Write normal, natural yet persuasive blog posts.

Your posts are the lifeblood of your blogs. Keep it simple and natural. Do not exaggerate or amplify things. Be sincere. You do not need to tell people lies just to persuade them about your ideas or experiences.

3) Promote your blogs.

Promoting your blog or website helps you draw in visitors. You do not need to pay when promoting if it is not a preference yet. Just share to others that you have a blog and you are discussing about a particular niche. You can do this in casual conversations, when you meet new friends or even just meeting people along the way. It helps. You might want to check this next article on choosing a niche that fits you and that will surely become successful.

4) Promote using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and video-sharing sites like YouTube.

The social media is an amazing tool to promote just anything nowadays. Groups and pages are perfect places to put in your url so that when people get curious they would click your links and arrive on your website. Videos can also be produced to advertise your blog or website.

5) Comment on related posts on social meadia with many likes or views in case of videos.

Your niche maybe related to popular posts. Say something nice and offer your url as additional information to the post.

6) Write, write and write!

The meat of your blog are your posts. So keep on writing. Discuss trending topics, fill your pages with interesting thoughts and credible information. This way you are able to establish your credibility and offer enough content to your followers.

7) Monetize your blog or website!

There are several ways on how you can monetize your blog. You can earn from visits, ads displays and clicks. Or just offer your own products and services. An article on how to monetize your blog can be found here.