Creating your own website

Creating a website is enjoyable. It really unleashes your skills in arts mathematics science and most importantly English! Web designing is the platform where I developed my writing skills. Sometimes, I just write what comes to mind. It is not necessary that you perfect your grammar everytime you write an article on the internet. What is important is you convey a message. Later, when you go back to your blog, you can reread and you will be amazed that you were able to write that article. Then you begin to see the mistakes, spelling and grammar. You correct them when you are convenient to do so.

Another exciting thing you gain when you learn web design is that you are creating an opportunity for your self-employment. It is a very lucrative endeavor. A simple static website will cost you about $700 to $1,000 USD. If you are already expert, a website will just take you 3 days to one week to create including images and tweaking a simple template. Of course for those of you who are beginners, it is much better to learn to code. Start from the basics. Here is an introductory lesson about the basics of web design using HTML and CSS.

Creating Database in CPanel

Creating databases in CPanel is not like creating databases in an stand alone PHPMyAdmin. Below is a tutorial for you to follow to be able to create databases in an online live website with CPanel.

Do you want to earn income from making wordpress websites? Here is an article that would teach you how to earn income from blogging. Read on...