How to link web pages in HTML?

The following tutorial is a basic lesson in HTML. We created this one for our Learn and Earn Challenge. What can you learn from here? Thru this tutorial I will teach you how to link your html pages. This means that when you are on a page and you click on a link, it will send you to another page of the site. This is simple and straightforward. If you have any questions you can contact me through our contact page. Enjoy!

For those of you who are aspiring to become a web designer, you can start with the basics. Our lessons here at ALS are especially design for the learners. If you intend to learn, just send me a message on our contact form and inform me the things you want to learn. This is the aim of our Learn and Earn Challenge. Our goal is to teach interested learners skills which they can use online in order to earn income. You might be wondering how to do it.. Trust us, weve been doing this thing for many years and as the admin, I have mastered the skills and this I want to share for free to anyone who is interested.

When you accept our Learn and Earn Challenge you will be enlisted as one of our learners and you will get full assistance for FREE. What else can you ask for? Sali na!

How to design your image banner in Adobe Fireworks?

Here is another tutorial on how to create a banner image design for your website using Adobe Fireworks. Enjoy!

Creating Pages and posts in WordPress

Wordpress is one of the easiest and most popular website template platform. The Code Literacy Project of Hostwifi Web Solution continues its aim of helping interested ones create their own website. Here is a tutorial on how to create pages and posts in wordpress.

Do you want to earn income from making wordpress websites? Here is an article that would teach you how to earn income from blogging. Read on...

How to add products in your wordpress shop

This tutorial will teach you how to add products in a wordpress e-commerce shop.