Posted: March 18, 2016

Thousands of ALS learners will be flocking to the different testing centers all over the Philippines come next month of APRIL, 2016 to avail of this years A&E test. The said test is being given to Filipinos who are school going age, out-of-school youths and adults in order to provide them opportunity to finish elementary or secondary levels. It is aimed and designed as a parallel and alternative to the formal school system where clients fall in different circumstances in life like unavailability of accessible public schools, poverty cases, early marriages or pregnacies, disabilities, or simply loss of interest in going to the formal system. Last year, there were 84,785 passers of the A&E test all over the Philippines.

In the previous months, the conduct of the A&E test was postponed, thereby causing disappointments to many ALS learners. They expressed their sentiments on social media groups and some others speculated that the test will be done after the national elections scheduled on May. Others feared that there will be no conduct of A&E test this year. It can be noted that for many ALS learners, the A&E test is their last card to be able to catch up in their elementary or secondary studies. Passers of this years A&E test for elementary are already eligible to enroll in the secondary schools under the formal system or continue learning under the ALS and take the test again by next year if they are qualified and at the right age. READ MORE...

Source: DepEd


By: Edgar Manongdo

About the writer: The writer had been an experienced newswriter, radio reporter and news anchor for radio. In the past, he had served at DZSO, Bombo Radyo La Union and at DZNL Radio, San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines.