Learn and Earn
Photo credits: www.dreamstime.com

Using the internet is GREAT!!! Aside from the things we want to check everyday, read, browse photos, learn and watch, It allows us to use some free platforms to communicate and publish our works online. Aside from these, do you believe that you can do EVEN MORE with these free Platforms? START BUILDING YOUR OWN WEBSITE AND CREATE YOUR OWN LIVELIHOOD ONLINE! With the help of the INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE, a simple user WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CODE can earn about 150,000 PESOS a year!!! That is by just using the BASIC SKILLS you already have, and some basic techniques that we can teach you through our CODE LITERACY PROJECT!

Successful bloggers earn HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of income every MONTH, JUST SPENDING FEW HOURS OF THEIR TIME IN FRONT OF THEIR COMPUTER. What is the difference with that of a typical SOCIAL MEDIA USER? Social media users spend their time 5 to 10 HOURS ON THE INTERNET EVERYDAY...This is a FACT! What do they get in return? As we go along, let us analyze how a typical social media user uses his or her time. Click to read more...