Learn and Earn
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A user may check his messages in the morning while still in bed, checks his friends status, browse some photos, make some comments, click some videos and posts his thoughts. For users with distant families and friends they may have some minutes for a video chat! Starts to prepare for breakfast but his or her mobile phone is in his hands and clicks some notifications while rushing to prepare for work. Goes out of the house, takes a ride and sits about 15 minutes or more on a taxi, bus, jeepney, tricycle or whatever ride he or she may have. They start to create conversations, or just simply browsing peoples profiles and group posts or maybe just listening to music online. Gets to work, busy the whole day but checks in between breaks in the office. Goes home in the afternoon and when he gets home, prepares for dinner and starts the longer internet access, maybe from 6 PM to 10 PM, Some other people access the internet even longer than that!!!

We do the same things. I check my email, watch some videos, see my friends photos online and do some other FUN STUFF!!! However, I can do more because as I do these same things as other people are doing, I AM EARNING EXTRA INCOME!!! And this is what is amazing. Income is coming AUTOPILOT. I make some few blogs and other interesting reads online. And these are the sources of my online income. But you need techniques to be able to kickstart. Still wanting to learn more? Read on...                       < < BACK