English Practice Tests

The skills measured in this test enable ALS reviewers to gain the targetted skills for the A&E test.

Direction: Choose the best answer by clicking on the button of your choice.

1. Filling-up a form. Study the form below and answer the question that follows:

Needed information to fill-up the form.

Miss Maria Edline Martinez Dela Cruz, born in St. Anthony Maternity Clinic, Poa Street, Caba, La Union on the 14th of February, 1995, resides at 304 St. Francisco (Gomez), Caba, La Union, now renting a place located at 33 J. Abedes Street, Sampalok, Manila.
Which could be marked with a check (/) for the Civil Status?
a. number 8
b. number 9
c. number 10
d. number 11

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