Dyh Yan Mateo Riberal

Learn and Earn Challenger : www.blissinwords.com

It was really her first love. It is the only way people can see her truly happy, overly crazy, deeply hurt, sad, excited and such. Her works is the only way people can see her as her true self. Her mind is somewhat like a universe with wide galaxies, beautiful as it is but people would appreciate more if they would look closely to what's within. For every story, every poem and song, every line and word that she writes are feelings, dreams, thoughts and memories that represents puzzle pieces which will make her whole. Some people don't support her writings, but some digs into what she is good at and even helps her improve and widen out her strengths. Now, she entered a challenge, a new dimension in her life- blogging.

As she was trusted to become more of herself, she encourages YOU, to show the world that you can stretch your world just like her. She knows that you would want not just to get out of your box, but tell the world, that you are something great.