By: Edgar Manongdo
Posted: January 10, 2020

It's an honor to have interviewed the Topnotcher of the 2019 Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) -Elementary level, Ms. Kezia Keren Ambag. In support to the ALS program, I would like to feature Ms. Ambag's story here at ALS Reviewer Philippines, to inspire and motivate our readers, especially ALS learners. Here are my interview questions and Ms. Ambag's responses.

1) Ms. Kezia, can you please give our readers a short introduction about yourself?

Ms. Kezia: To be honest, there is nothing interesting with who I am. I am just a humble daughter of a couple who work in the church's ministry. I was born and raised at Butuan City and eventually transferred to Talacogon, Agusan Del Sur to start a pioneering work. I love reading. It's my only escape when I am having a hard time and my weapon for acquiring knowledge. I also have an inclination for music and I hope for arts, too, but I am not quite blessed in that area.

2) I have learned that recently, you achieved the Number 1 Rank in the 2019 BLEPT Board Examination. I would like to congratulate you for your great achievement. Can you please tell us how you were able to achieve this milestone in your career? What were your preparations?

Ms. Kezia: I spent a whole year for my preparation - spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I read a lot of books and reviewers that helped me to sharpen my critical thinking skills that is very vital when taking the board examination. I enrolled in a review center where the knowledge I gained from my Alma Mater, Philippine Normal University, has been reinforced through thorough and rigid review. My goal is to spend at least 10 hours a day for my review and that includes reading while travelling, studying while eating, and doing everything I can do to spend my time in reviewing wisely. Social media applications were uninstalled. I did not go out with my family or friends because I am disciplining myself. If I am to aim for greater things, I really have to sacrifice leisure. And the most important weapon I have is prayer - sincere prayer. I prayed for my specific goal, that is to land as Top 1 for the September 2019 BLEPT. And by God's grace, as what the Bible says in Luke 1:37, God indeed did the impossible.

3) Is it true that you were an ALS learner in the past? Can you please share us your educational background and how did you become an ALS learner? Did ALS help you in any way?

Ms. Kezia: I went to Faith Baptist Christian Academy for my elementary studies and proceeded to Talacogon National High School for my secondary studies. But, I only spent two years there, since I have to enroll to Alternative Learning System for the reason that I have to help in our school ministry. That time, there is a scarcity of teachers and I have to fill in to that need. ALS catered me in every way possible. I have responsive mobile teachers who taught us and who are willing to help all the time. I was able to simultaneously serve God through my service in the ministry while learning and what I need to learn at ALS. The modules helped me in learning in a flexible way, though, there are only few modules we can use during that time. At ALS, indeed, there is hope. Eventually, I took a degree of Bachelor in Early Childhood Education at Philippine Normal University-Mindanao and graduated Cum Laude.